When it comes to solids vs. prints, I highly recommend you choose solids.  Don’t get me wrong, the right print can look great, but choose a bold or busy pattern and it can be distracting. Just remember this photo is about you, not your outfit. That being said, a nice bold print (think chevron skirt, or tie) can make for some awesome shots, so if your session includes outfit changes, go for it!


I love color! Bright, rich, clean colors can really stand out in photos….and that’s a good thing.  Light brights pop but aren’t too distracting. Even a white is okay, just make sure to know your background. If you know you’re shooting in a bright location with lots of light stay away from white and other light colors that may blend with the background (the same with dark colors/dark background).


As cheesy as it is, I love to match. Does that mean everyone wears the same outfit? Definitely NOT! Trust me dressing identically does not make for great photos unless you’re going for this type of look: The McMatchysons. Instead opt for a single color pallet or two coordinating shades, and have everyone in the group or family wear a shade within that range. Just remember, simple color coordination or matching is all you need. Oh and don’t forget to look down. This rule applies to shoes as well.


I can’t stress enough the importance of feeling comfortable for a photo shoot! Do NOT and I repeat DO NOT wear something that you feel uncomfortable in or have to keep re-adjusting. It’s distracting and will take away from the photo shoot experience and end product so steer clear. Instead wear an outfit that you feel absolutely amazing in. If that’s a pair of jeans, or a simple dress go for it! Keep the location in mind as well. Ladies, if we’re doing a lot of walking and you plan on wearing heels bring a pair of flats along.


As cliche as it may be, the most important piece of advice I can give is just be yourself.  Some of my favorite photos whether it’s an engagement, portrait, or family shoot are the ones that scream personality. I truly believe that everyone has a unique and unparalleled beauty.  Everyone has some quality, something in them that no one else has and that to me is beautiful. My photographic passion is to capture it. So just relax, wear what you feel good in, and be you.


Overwhelmed? Still can’t decide what to wear? Contact me! Send me pics of your choices or bring your outfits along on photo day. I’m happy to help!

Laila Lindberg, studio1111@rocketmail.com, http://www.facebook.com/Studio1111LLC